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Those clunky relics of the past rather unsuitable for data handling

Dare to be more productive!

Build an amazing data app

Without using code!

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What is a data app?

Excellent question! A data app is a kind of software that is made up of three main domains:

  1. data collection, structuring and consolidation,
  2. data analysis,
  3. data exploitation.

Let's look at the three domains in a bit more detail.

Consolidate Icon

To start things off, you need the data. If you already have it and you know your domain, sign up for a Simitless account and start creating a structure for your future data app.

You will be creating a sort of a database, but much faster and easier. You will determine what structure your data needs or your industry requires and you will be guided by the Simitless platform.

Once the structure is in place, you can start inputting all the data you have. That way you will be consolidating everything in one place. You can even invite friends, colleagues or whomever you want to collaborate on data input with you in real-time. How awesome is that!

Analyze Icon

Now that all of that data of yours is

  • collected,
  • structured,
  • consolidated,
  • and inside the Simitless platform,

you can start doing what you do best – turning that data into knowledge. Meaning, you can analyze the data you have, discover patterns and issue predictions. (Having your data neatly organized, structured and in one place – as you can do on the Simitless platform – is a HUGE advantage in such an enterprise.) You can create data visualizations (graphs, pie charts, etc.) and write up reports (coming soon!) that you can either resale on the Simitless marketplace, or archive for future use.

Capitalize Icon

Now that you have

  • analyzed,
  • created visualizations for the data
  • and written up the reports,

the data you have started out with are not simply data anymore. You have transformed it into real intelligence. You are now delivering actionable insights that will provide a competitive advantage to your industry. 

What do you do with this powerful tool? Well, we advise you to create your own landing page (provided and supported by Simitless) and start selling accesses to your database, reports and analyses on the Simitless marketplace

Thinking of trying your hand at a data app?

Build your own!

Why a Data App?

capitalize new 1 small
Automatize your routine
  • Save time, effort and money.
  • Free up time for your creativity.
  • Do what you love.

capitalize new small
Capitalize on expertise
  • You are the expert.
  • You worked hard for your knowledge, don’t let anything hold your back.
  • Get your money’s worth.

insights 1 small
Find actionable insights
  • Be more efficient.
  • Turn more profit, let your know-how and expertise work for you.
  • Use your unfair advantage to the fullest potential.

organize knowledge 5 small
Organize your knowledge
  • Stand out with your unique database.
  • Have all your data easily accessible at your fingertips.
  • Store your expertise in a safe cloud system and access it easily regardless of where you are.

grow your business new small
Grow your business
  • Collaborate in real-time to increase efficiency.
  • Collaborate from anywhere and everywhere to retain your independence.
  • Collaborate with as many people as you want to have the best minds working together.

build small
Secure your data
  • Live a life of no hard drive crashes.
  • Enjoy the simplicity of daily full backups.
  • Experience the ease and pleasures of scalability and availability.

Still wondering how Simitless can help you?

Not to worry! We have collected some videos for you to show what problems Simitless helped to solve. Have a look.

Are you a scientist?

Do you work in research? Are you swamped with data? Then you might feel with Tom. See the issues he was facing in his academic endeavors. Maybe you’ll find Simitless as useful for solving your problems as did Tom.

Tom, Marine Biology

Working in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Or any industry, for that matter. Feeling the need for an easy to use tool that would allow you to sort through and structure your data? Meet Oliver. Have a look at his story and see whether the issues he was facing compare to yours. Maybe you can solve them with Simitless, as did Oliver.

Oliver, Oil and Gas Industry

Are you a journalist?

Do you work in a field that collects and processes loads of data? Maybe you are a journalist, an analyst, a just a data hero? Have a look at Joan’s story. Maybe you encounter the same challenges in your professional life. See what reasoning made Joan want to try out Simitless to help her with her tasks. 

Joan, Journalism

Are you an artisan?

Have you felt the need to keep up with the new developments in your field? Then you are not alone. See what professional hurdles made Bertrand, an oenologist, look for online solutions to simplify the management of his artisanal business. Maybe you have similar challenges that Simitless can help handle.

Bertrand, Oenology

Are you a numbers person?

Would you like to be able to deal with analytics faster? Consider David and Isabel’s experience. Both accountants, starting up their own ventures, they were faced with a deluge of data. See what made them try out Simitless to help them figure out how to handle their ever-growing data collection.

David and Isabel, Accountancy

Are you a passionate niche business owner?

Maybe you are just starting out. Maybe you work on the Market Intelligence industry. Or maybe you were keen on having a custom BI app that would cover your needs. Julie and Fred, both bakers, were in a similar situation. Just starting out, yet not knowing where to start to help them organize their data. See why they thought Simitless was able to answer their needs.tiuz

Julie and Fred, Bakery

Make your life easier, automatize your routine and let your creative juices flow.

Build your very first data app!


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